S&P 500 price lacks momentum (July Update)

Losses and gains in the S&P 500 are currently roughly in balance. The stock barometer gains 17 points.
The mood today in securities trading remains unchanged. The S&P 500 rose only a very small 0.25 percent. The index is now rated at 2,986 points.

sp500 price chart
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These shares may currently rise

If you look at the price list, the papers of Philip Morris, Kla-Tencor and Union Pacific are strikingly. Philip Morris‘ stock was the biggest increase. It was up 9.83 percent from the previous day’s closing price. The price of the paper is currently USD 89.02. Philip Morris International (PMI) is one of the largest manufacturers of tobacco products worldwide. Kla-Tencor’s securities have also become more expensive. It is up 5.04 percent. The stock is currently valued at USD 131.81 on the stock exchange. Union Pacific is also trading firmer (up 4.41 percent). The price of the paper is currently USD 171.81.

These stocks go downhill

The S&P 500’s stock is currently at the bottom of the S&P 500′ share price list. The final straw is Netflix’s securities. Netflix’s stock is currently priced at US322.33 US dollars. This represents a decrease of 11.07 percent compared to the previous day’s closing price. The price for

United Rentals’ paper is also down. Investors currently pay 6.90 percent less for the security than they did at the close of trading last trading day. United Rentals’ stock was last quoted at US122.42 US dollars. Apache also notes lighter with a discount of 4.53 percent. The paper last traded at US23.37 US cents.

Source: ariva.de