Two ways to increase the sales

hey guys Dennis here! 

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS ! 

There are only two ways to increase your sales.

Sell more stuff to the customers you have, or attract new customers.

Anyone in sales will tell you that it is not easy to constantly prospect for new clients, qualify them, make a compelling presentation, negotiate terms, and bring a new client in the door. It is a process that is filled with the potential for failure all along the way. It is much easier to connect personally with the clients that you already have, and sell them a little more. On a recent trip to the grocery store, I was roaming the aisles like a middle-schooler on a scavenger hunt, when I merged into the wine aisle. Being in very familiar territory, I paused in my quest for low cholesterol, high fiber, sugar free …well you know…. because my highly trained eye for bargains caught the two-for-one wine special. Hmmm. Maybe the low taste, no fat chewing squares might taste better with a glass of vino. As I pondered my choices, I noticed a gentleman who was re-stocking the shelves and looked like he might know something about wines. I casually inquired about my purchase and his eyes lit up, and he eagerly pointed out several wines that might fit my tastes and my budget.

He made suggestions and recommendations that made me WANT to buy more wine. Heck, I even wanted to invite him home for dinner so we could sample them too! I listened intently to his council and HE listened to me too! I came home with six bottles of wine! (got a free wine bag holder and an additional 10% off the entire wine purchase too!) It is not hard to connect with your current customers. You already have a relationship with them and they have already agreed to buy from you once. If you listen to their needs, and recognize the opportunities to sell more stuff, you might be surprised at how your average sale can grow. Maybe it is a tie to go with the shirt purchase, a fuel additive to go with the oil change, or re-visiting the life insurance while you take care of the car insurance…who knows what you might be able to add on. So, driving home with my wine treasures, (having abandoned my search for the healthy dinner option) I decided to visit the fast food drive thru and now I was in a hurry. I was anxious to get home and share this idea with you, (over a glass of wine) when the cashier said something that confirmed my choice of topic for today.

Upon completion of my order, the cashier diligently asked me, “Would you like some fries with that?”

For the record, I declined the fries because they do not have a low fat, low carb, no salt version.