Part II: Complete Guide How Not To Become Forex Fraud Victim

Forex Scam or as it is also called in the English Forex Scam is unfortunately like any idea, with which good money can be earned here in UK! Everywhere there are scammers who want to take off their last shirt with big promises. What is important for you now is how to track down such scams and how to recognize them.

This article is the next one in our seris about forex scam. In the first part I posted a Youtube Video with Anton about unmasking the sharks in forex trading education arena.

Unfortunately, 95 percent of private investors will lose their money in the Forex and FX markets. This is largely due to the lack of proper training and the mispricing of foreign exchange. Often, then, the biggest losses are realized because the aspiring trader does not have his emotions under control or even does not understand why the prices suddenly turn, always at the exact moment the trader is invested.

“Unfortunately, 95 percent of private investors will lose their money in the Forex and FX markets.”

For this reason, it can of course be very easy that my subject to any professional who reveals his secrets, or shows a his guarded trading system or sell totally overpriced trading systems. Of course always with the promise to be able to earn big money.

The scam of such Forex fraudsters is therefore usually always the same. They try to promise the yellow of the egg and are no longer attainable after the sale.

Therefore, you should prefer a good foreign exchange learning course in which you learn the forex fundamentals to avoid some sort of forex scam.

Of course you can easily be dazzled by these promises in the first moment, since every new trader dreams of becoming a millionaire through trading. But to be successful in the trading market, the daytrader always needs the latest news and a working forex strategy so that he can make money through the forex trading.

Unfortunately, there is no “common strategy” for the Forex trade, but a strategy was usually worked hard and leads only by the combination of various factors to the daily profit with foreign exchange transactions.

It is important to know – even if the forex fraudsters want to tell you – that the forex price is not predictable! There are just too many influencing factors that can influence the price. For this reason, it is not important that you have a good hit rate, but how you make the “drum around”. That Your trade management, your risk management or your money management and your psyche.

So do not believe the forex scamers who want to tell you that there is “the holy grail” in forex trading. It does not exist.

If anything else was the case, of course, someone would have already implemented this strategy and would have perfected his system so that it would have ripped off all other Forextrader.

Of course, that does not mean that you can not become a millionaire through Forex trading. That is quite possible! But do not let fraudsters tempt you to buy any system that will make you 100 percent profitable. This is often promised with automatic trading systems that sell for hundreds of dollars or hundreds. Some Forex scammers even push your promises so high that you sell your real estate for several thousand dollars. Unfortunately, such a forex fraud keeps people coming in and losing their hard-earned money.

Of course, there are always new chart patterns that are sold for a lot of money, but take a look behind the scenes. Can such a chart pattern or automatic strategy really be crowned with lasting success? As everywhere else, the circumstances of the foreign exchange market are changing, and previous safe signals are losing their significance and can no longer be traded.

It is also due to the greed of man that if a professional trader has ever developed a system that works, he will not give it so easily out of hand. Because of this it will very rarely be possible to get a system that works without losses.

But what is there are very good basic courses. In these you can learn how to trade and over time you will understand for yourself what changes the courses.

For such a course you come here: Basic course for Daytrading

But the fact is. No matter what trading strategy or system you buy. It will only lead you to success if you understand the basics yourself and do not just blindly follow the system. Because the future can not predict a system. Only the experience and the constant learning leads to success as everywhere.

So what can you do against Forex scams?

So, when you buy a Forex product, or get the most up-to-date insider tips in Forex, you’ll always stay awake, thinking wisely, if the information is real.

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